Establishing a coaching program

While coaching has established a legitimate role in business over the past 10 years, the Coaching Industry in Australia today is unregulated. Standards, while often high, can vary a great deal from provider to provider. Properly applied, coaching can be a real tonic in many business environments.

There are a large number of providers of coaching services, each offering a range of  expertise and varying levels of experience (Qualified Psychologists, Learning and Development Consultants, ex-business leaders offering “mentoring”, Business/OD Consultants and companies dedicated to providing training and support to coaches in the field).

In addition, there is a burgeoning number of “Life Coaches” who are increasingly being drawn into the Executive Coaching market. Each of these providers has a role to play in the business and general community. The task of figuring out which provider is right for your organisation can be daunting!

Red Pill Performance Consultants recognise the frustration that companies face in identifying the right Executive Coaching solution for their particular business needs.

Red Pill has a program to help guide your company through the process of establishing an Executive Coaching program that is sensitive to your needs and tailored to generate optimal outcomes for your organisation and its employees.

Our program encompasses eight key phases:

  1. Establishing a coaching business case within your organisation.
  2. Designing a coaching program.
  3. Developing a business specification/desk-top survey of potential service providers.
  4. Developing tender documentation/RFI based on your organisation’s key program requirements.
  5. Guiding you through the selection process regarding coaching providers.
  6. Advising you on contract documentation, fee structure and introduction of the program into your company.
  7. Identifying candidates within your organisation who are most likely to benefit from the coaching program.
  8. Assisting with the optimal matching of coach to employee(s) receiving coaching.

Where clients request this, Red Pill is also happy to submit our own coaching services to the rigors of the program developed for evaluation by the client.

If you’d like to establish a coaching program within your organisation, but you’re not sure what your degree of organisational readiness please contact us at



The GROW Model

The GROW Model

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Tony Adcock Bio

Tony Adcock Bio

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Harry Petropoulos Bio

Harry Petropoulos Bio

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Sydney University Coaching Unit

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